Friday, March 16, 2018

Update: Lincoln Museum Quilt

I hope you aren't getting too bored seeing this quilt! I'm over half way done and I think all the 16 patches are complete. Most of the stars are cut out. Just need to find a block of time to sew. They seem few and far between these days.

 I'm heading into Portland today to spend some time with my daughter planning our trip. It will be here before we know it! We are getting so excited.
And my Instagram for the week.

It's going to be a wonderful weekend. Enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mission: Colombia

I hope with each mission trip my soul gets a little more gentle to those in need. I loved this little applique and the saying.
 I wanted to share some of my trip with you. Several of you have donated to MSI on my behalf. Thank you! You are making a difference! And I am extremely grateful.
We go out in teams and these Colombians stay with us all week. L-R Aleda was our guide and connection to the schools, Claudia was an interpreter and she played in our drama, Victor was our commando, also a bridge between us and the schools, and Jhon was our main interpreter.  I felt like we got very close with our team this year and will miss these 4 so much. (although now we are facebook friends, Aleda and Victor only speak/write Spanish)

The next few photos show a variety of the schools we went to. The one above was special. We finished up early and they set up their band, played and sang for us!

This was the very first place we went. This church has a food program and feeds many in the neighborhood. We were able to bring a nice stack of food with us, although it won't last long. There were many many children. (the heat in this room was only a taste of the week to come!)

 Everyday life.

Inside a school compound.

 The photo above and below were from the neighborhood we put in a water well. It was around 90 degrees and this woman was still happy enough to wave while doing her laundry.

Not only did this community get clean water to use, now that they have water the government will deed them their land and help support a school!

This is a makeshift school they built recently! It was very exciting!!
 Friday and Saturday night we held a festival and tens of thousands showed up to hear good music and a message of love and hope.  Christy and I spent most of our time in the crowd giving out candy, dresses and jewelry. It was so much fun!

And a little fun....
I really needed to have someone stand next to this toilet to see the real size. It was about 12" off the ground! It's a good thing I had been doing squats! 

It took a minute to figure out I had to use this bucket and dipper to flush the toilet!!

I've been on 4 missions trips and this one was the most special.

Thanks for all your support!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Marvelous Monday

I don't generally like Monday's but today will be marvelous! It's such a mindset isn't it? I survived babysitting! LOL I only gave the 2yo a little curdled milk! Everyone survived!! 
 I opted to go hiking on Sunday , but I still managed to get a few blocks sewn. I have a lot of these cut, ready to sew but here is a few more I'll add to the stack.
And binding! That means 2 quilts are close to being finished. I have labels made for them as well.

If you want to see where I hike check it out HERE.

Happy Monday quilters!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

First Friday Exhibit for March

I had to make a trip to Bend this week and was able to drop by Quiltworks and see their monthly exhibit. One of these days I'll make it for First Friday celebration.

Ruth Kinane was the featured quilter. 
Isn't this fantastic?!

 Love this one!

Another quilt shop row by row that I actually like.

 This block reminds me of a quilt top I have waiting to assemble!

The group quilts below were a variety of applique quilts. I only photographed 2 of my faves.

 I love this and I love that it isn't perfect!

Here is my Instagram feed for the week.

I've managed to get a little sewing done this week, but am feeling a little stretched. I like to help out when I can so I know it is only for a short while. When people are hurting we need "a little help from our friends". 
Sorry there isn't more inspiration from my own sewing room.
Have a wonderful weekend. I'm babysitting! A first in many years!!
Love to you all.



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